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Massage Therapy:

Involves the manipulation and

rubbing of the soft tissues of the

body, with particular focus on

muscles and pressure points.

Swedish massage:

Incorporates a variety of specific

massage techniques to treat

sore muscles,tension,stress

and poor circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage:

Is designed to get into the connective

tissue of the body rather than

just surface muscles.

Sports Massage: 

Is a special type of massage

therapy which is designed for

athletes to help keep their

bodies in balance.

Trigger Point Therapy:

Is a type of massage therapy

that addresses stabbing muscle

pains which can occur at various

points in the body called trigger point.

Prenatal Massage:

Will help relieve lower back

pain, sciatic and water retention,

excellent way to increase circulation.

During pregnancy good after

first trimester.


Is a science based on the premise

that there are zones and reflex areas

in the feet and hands which

correspond to all glands, organs, parts

and systems of the body. The physical

act of applying pressure using thumb,

finger and hand techniques to these

reflex areas results in the reduction

of stress which promotes physiological

changes in the body.

Gratuity is not included. Gift Certificates available